The importance of Novel Points of View

Dutch School of Thought, October 2, no comments

With well-crafted Novel Points of View, organisations can trigger people to look at the themes they consider important in new ways, and to challenge their conventional thought patterns. Hence, novel points of view are an important way to drive paradigm shifting and instigate change.

Thought leading organisations are led by a novel viewpoint in our market and society. They show leadership in translating these viewpoints into real behaviour and results. Apple, IBM and Unilever are examples of companies that, over time, are continuously learning how to bring their daily actions in line with their Novel Points of View. By doing so, they develop credibility and trust among stakeholders – key requirements for building thought leadership positions.

In order to equip leaders and corporate communication professionals with ways to better express their points of view, the Dutch School of Thought conducts applied research to better understand the effectiveness of Novel Points of Views on companies’ paradigm-shifting efforts. Based on our insights, we develop practical models and tools that help companies to better understand, formulate and leverage their own novel viewpoints.


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