Learning from thought leading organisations

Dutch School of Thought, August 24, no comments

We see thought leadership as a meaningful and pioneering positioning strategy that challenges organisations to break free from collectively embedded ways of thinking, and to mobilise people to give meaning to and shape new realities or worldviews. To do this, it is important for us to equip ourselves with a more systematic understanding of how these forerunners think, act and create an impact on their business and society.

We study the critical moments at which organisations are able to achieve small tipping points in stakeholders’ understanding, acceptance and endorsement of their viewpoints. Through research, we gain more insight into how organisations strike a balance between their current and future realities and how they make everyday choices within this context of tension.

We mostly examine these questions through case-study research. We sometimes choose our own case-studies, for or with organisations. This enables us to delve deeply into exemplary cases of thought leadership and create a better practitioner understanding, including how organisations combine transformational purposes with positioning goals. With our research, we aim to offer professionals in our field models, frameworks and practical tools that may help them to better understand the challenges of their own thought-leading processes. We hope to give practitioners confidence and inspiration to think and act outside of their comfort zones.


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