Marlon van den Besselaar

Dutch School of Thought, March 27, no comments

“Meet our new knowledge member, Marlon Besselaar, and her view on generation Y and Z”.

During my study programme, Creative Communications at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, I researched the pressure to excel that is often seen amongst the members of generations Y and Z. The pressure in these generations to perform is so great that many simply freeze up, or ‘become blocked’. Fifty percent of the people in the 25-45 age group suffer from long-term absences due to psychological problems. People become blocked and businesses lose money and staff. Mostly, I am surprised that society steps up the pressure to perform by only focusing on education and work experience. Don’t raising a child, taking a trip around the world or even experiencing a major failure count too?

Based on these ideas, we have developed the life portfolio. We have faith and confidence that life experience will count in the future.

In addition to my interest in generations Y and Z, I am a creative adviser at Bex*communicatie, where my work involves connecting research to brands. In a world that is moving faster and faster, research is more important than ever. The Dutch School of Thought is an institute that conducts this research so that communications professionals like myself can develop and implement this knowledge.

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