Kym Kettler-Paddock

Dutch School of Thought, October 1, no comments

Co-author of the book Thought Leadership: innovative insights and value creation on the cutting edge of market and society.

Thought-leading companies radically alter how their industries do business. While these companies may not be market pioneers, they are most likely solution pioneers on important themes in their market or society. Thought-leading companies use their pioneering solutions to differentiate themselves in increasingly competitive markets and a changing society.

By advocating and demonstrating the tangible benefits of their novel viewpoints and solutions —whether through new services, products, or improvements in processes—thought-leading companies attract attention and build trust among customers and other stakeholders.

However, only real thought leaders need apply. Marketing dressed up as thought leadership will not transform markets or change industry trends. Thought leadership is not a department within a company but a company’s very essence. Thought leadership is a strategy that focuses the entire company on finding the best solutions for its customers’ needs, no matter how weird or ‘out-of-the-box’ those solutions might at first seem to be. Because thought leading companies understand their customers and markets so deeply, their solutions can be truly revolutionary.


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