Jeroen van IJzendoorn

Dutch School of Thought, October 1, no comments

Co-owner of Factor Tachtig.

Jeroen van IJzendoorn is the co-owner of Factor Tachtig, a marketing-communication agency in Liempde (the Netherlands). Factor Tachtig helps knowledge-intensive businesses to build and strengthen their brand. Customised knowledge-sharing strategies are a central element in the agency’s approach.

He sees thought leadership as the ultimate way to build a brand, as it is inherently authentic and must radiate from within the company. Thought-leading brands need thought-leading employees to build a sustainable brand and business. Their products and services must be in line with this philosophy. Factor Tachtig has the means and expertise to guide this ongoing process.  

The Dutch School of Thought is great way to stay close to the subject. As a knowledge partner, Jeroen is introducing the next generation of marketing professionals to thought leadership concepts.


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