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The Dutch School of Thought brings together people from different areas to assign collective meaning to thought leadership. As such, the Dutch School of Thought community evolves into a meaningful and pioneering body of ideas.

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Experts on thought leadership

Liz Alexander

Ph.D., Co-founder, Leading Thought

I take B2B clients through a four-part process (‘the 4 Es’), to help develop their thought-leading idea and deliver it to the right people, the right way. I use that process here to show how true thought leadership is developed. Read More

Craig Badings

Partner at SenateSHJ in Sidney, Australia.

By definition thought leaders are brave, explore areas others don’t, raise questions others won’t and provide insights others can’t. Thought leadership is a powerful business strategy that requires careful planning and alignment with the business or practice objectives of the organisation. Read More

Joyce Oomen

Director of Thought Leadership & Innovation, Manpower Group, The Netherlands

There’s a big difference between the man who says he’s funny and the man who actually makes you laugh. Thought leadership is like that too. It is not about what you think of yourself, it’s about how others see you. Read More

Kym Kettler-Paddock

Co-author of the book Thought Leadership: innovative insights and value creation on the cutting edge of market and society. Read More

Our active knowledge members

Marlon van den Besselaar

“Meet our new knowledge member, Marlon Besselaar, and her view on generation Y and Z”.

During my study programme, Creative Communications at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, I researched the pressure to excel that is often seen amongst the members of generations Y and Z. The pressure in these generations to perform is so great that many simply freeze up, or ‘become blocked’. Read More

Cécile Cremer

Trend Researcher & Creative Concept Designer, Wandering the Future

Cécile is the ambitious founder of Wandering the Future. Graduated at the Academy for Creative Industries she was one of the first five graduates in Europe with a recognised bachelor in internationale trendresearch and creative concept design. Read More

Jacqueline Nolan

Owner Ballydam Communications

Jacqueline Nolan is a writer and trainer with a background in broadcast journalism and theatre. In the Netherlands, she has worked at the world service radio (de Wereldomroep) as a presenter and journalist. Since its closure in 2013, she has joined case writing teams at Fontys and Erasmus Universities. Read More

Jeroen van IJzendoorn

Co-owner of Factor Tachtig.

Jeroen van IJzendoorn is the co-owner of Factor Tachtig, a marketing-communication agency in Liempde (the Netherlands). Factor Tachtig helps knowledge-intensive businesses to build and strengthen their brand. Customised knowledge-sharing strategies are a central element in the agency’s approach. Read More

Marlies Maasdam

Owner of MolMaasdam.

As an interim manager, consultant and coach, Marlies Maasdam is specialised in leading and facilitating (leadership) teams in strategy development and implementation. She focuses on unlocking and developing individual and team strengths in order to create successful, connected teams and organisations. Read More

Erik Paulis

Senior Communication Adviser, KPN.

As a senior communication adviser, Erik is responsible for internal and external communication for the Chief Operations Officer at KPN. He is also involved with corporate customer communication and in charge of communicating the CSR theme ‘Best Networks’. Read More

Arnold Vonk

Brand Journalism Adviser, Co-founder of The Newsmakers.

Arnold Vonk has focused on training experts to turn their writing into effective pieces written in a journalistic style, helping them increase their impact and gain more recognition for themselves and their institution. Read More


Are you interested in sharing your ideas, knowledge, viewpoints or experience on thought leadership by writing a blogpost?  Let us know us know and we will make room for your thoughts on thought leadership.

Recent blog contributions

Focus on the line on the horizon

By: Jeroen van IJzendoorn, Co-Owner Factor Tachtig

Reading time: 12 minutes

“Instead of a dot as a target point, you’d better have a broader target. A goal that gives you the space to move along with unexpected and unpredictable events.”

Don’t we all like to work towards a specific target? A goal that improves our focus? But isn’t this so-called dot on the horizon too limited? After all, there is always the risk of things changing along the way or something unexpected happening that forces you to make adjustments. I therefore propose that we do not focus on a dot, but on a line on the horizon. So, not a specific target but a broader vision that provides guidance. This approach forms the basis for anyone striving to profile themselves as a thought leader.

Read More

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Online seminars are the ideal way for the Dutch School of Thought to organise countless meet-ups and sessions. It is the perfect occasion for the DST to invite like-minded partners from all over the world to participate, helping us to build an international knowledge network. See webinars

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