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Discover the FHC’s playground of knowledge where the students reside, offering their refreshing views on relevant subjects in the form of (term)papers/essays that they have written. Their greatest strength lies in the fact that they are bold and opinionated, their unrestricted thinking and creativity. This enables them to offer us fresh, new perspectives on existing paradigms. See all trending topics

Trending Topic | Thought Leadership: Two Currents

By Brandon Martens, applied researcher at Dutch School of Thought, under supervision of lector Mignon van Halderen.

Reading time: 11 minutes

Thought leadership is in. The concept is widely known and its popularity is on the rise. It is being applied with increasing frequency in organisations as a result. The expanded presence of thought leadership in annual reports is the primary evidence of its strength. Multinationals such as Ernst & Young, KPMG and ManpowerGroup have … Read more

Trending Topic | How True Leaders Can Broaden Their Horizons

By Mark van der Linden, graduation student at Fontys University of Applied Sciences Communication, under supervision of lector Mignon van Halderen and applied researcher Bran Martens.

Reading time: 15 minutes

Discover the knowledge playground of Fontys School of Communication where the students reside. Rough as diamants, but learning rapidly, our students outline their refreshing views in their trending topics. In this trending topic, student Mark van der Linden argues that real thought leaders bring about positive societal change. In order to bring about change, it is important to embark on many cross-industrial collaborative partnerships. He illustrates his arguments by metaphorically speaking about thougth leader-ship. Read more


The Dutch School of Thought has compiled a broad collection of academic and practice-oriented articles. See all articles

Thought Leadership

By Mignon van Halderen, lector Thought Leadership at Fontys School of Communication.

Reading time: 8 minutes

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Case studies

In practice, there are numerous examples of organisations that successfully implement thought leadership, and there are those that actually pursue it incorrectly. Case studies offer expansive insights and are therefore a huge source of inspiration. They give us the opportunity to learn from organisations that have decided to embark on this journey. Click here for more research and analysis

Oil Companies' Shifting Stances in the Climate Change Debate

By Mignon Van Halderen, Mamta Bhatt, Guido Berens, Tom Brown & Cees van Riel. Read more

Thought Leadership Frameworks

In an age where visuals are increasing in importance and the consumption of information is accelerating faster than ever, the use of them becomes a logical choice. The Dutch School of Thought aims to visualise various topics on thought leadership in a structured, clear manner while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing. These creative summations give us the chance to not only inform people but to inspire them as well. See all our frameworks

5 phases of a Thought Leadership strategy

You can read & download the PDF here

Inspiring Videos

Books on Thought Leadership

The Dutch School of Thought makes a selection of interesting books available. This comprehensive collection of books on the topic of thought leadership offers an inspiring online library of knowledge. You will find an array of interesting works by numerous writers and experts, all of whom have a distinctive and original view on thought leadership.

Thought Leadership: innovative insights and value creation on the cutting edge of market and society

Mignon van Halderen, Kym Kettler-Paddock and Craig Badings

This book is valuable for directors, managers, consultants and students who plan to develop a thought-leadership strategy and need a strategic thinking model to help shape their thought leadership strategy. The book contributes to a well-founded understanding of what thought leadership means and offers a practical framework for pursuing thought leadership (The Thought Leadership FrameworkTM). Published in Dutch, but available in English (on request).

You can purchase the Dutch version here

Shifting Paradigms: thought leadership as instigator of societal change

Mignon van Halderen

When it comes to many themes in our society (such as healthcare, education, energy), we find ourselves in the middle of a transformation about to take place. This requires us to shake off our old ways of thinking, to abandon old worldviews and to shift paradigms in our society.

We need organisations that take a progressive role in driving such processes of paradigm shifting and which thereby instigate societal change. This book is the elaborate version of the inaugural speech of Lector Mignon van Halderen. It discusses the important role of organisations in contributing to societal change by driving paradigm shifts, and creates a connection between these ideas and thought leadership.

You can read & download the book here

Brand Stand: seven steps to thought leadership

Craig Badings

One of the first (if not the first) valuable books on thought leadership. At a time when there was hardly anything being written on the topic, Craig Badings had already formulated well-thought-out ideas of what thought leadership is.

Thought Leadership: prompting businesses to think and learn

Laurie Young

Sadly, the author of this energetic book passed away just when the book was about to be published. We have deep respect for all his work, his enthusiasm and his eagerness to bring together the views of many different people. Read More

Thought Leadership Tweet

Liz Alexander and Craig Badings

Who would ever think of editing a book that is chock-full of valuable tweet-sized insights on thought leadership? Liz Alexander and Craig Badings, two thinkers and advisers very active in the thought leadership field had this very idea. Read More

Thought Leadership

Robin Ryde

How can you increase the quality and strength of your thinking? How can you ‘zap’ from one thought channel to another? This book is truly stimulating and adds value to our thinking about what we call transformational thought leadership. It discusses what leaders can do to transform the thinking of those around them.

Ready to be a thought leader?

Denise Brosseau

This book takes a different approach to thought leadership than we do. Its primary focus is on how to become a recognised thought leader in your own field. It also offers some interesting insights that are definitely worth reading about, even if only to read Denise Brosseau’s elegant definition of thought leaders.

FOUND: Transforming Your Unlimited Ideas into One Sustainable Business

Naveen Lakkur and Dr. Liz Alexander

Read Dr. Liz Alexander’s blog about the book and how Ideation is the foundation of True Thought Leadership.