Cécile Cremer

Dutch School of Thought, January 24, no comments

Trend Researcher & Creative Concept Designer, Wandering the Future

Cécile is the ambitious founder of Wandering the Future. Graduated at the Academy for Creative Industries she was one of the first five graduates in Europe with a recognised bachelor in internationale trendresearch and creative concept design.

After her graduation she grounded Wandering the Future as the overarching umbrella for her activities as an international trend researcher and creative strategist. With Wandering the Future she unfolds tomorrow today, to help companies understand the potential of tomorrow. Connecting the dots to oversee what is coming and to act on change instantly.

“ I have a special talent, I’m passionately curious”

Cécile is a little obsessed with the future and aspire to be the voice of the ever-changing needs of the intercultural consumer by being a creative innovator supporting brands, meeting these future demands.

#Visionary #Changemaker #Rebel #PassionatelyCurious #Crea-Analytic #TravelAddict


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