Berly Walraven

Dutch School of Thought, October 12, no comments

Director of Business Operations of the Dutch School of Thought Member of the Executive Team Fontys School of Communication

What will the profession of future communication executives look like in a rapidly changing society? What is the next level of relevance when it comes to assigning meaning to organisations and brands? These are just a few of the questions that intrigue Berly Walraven and which she sees reflected in thought leadership strategies.

It is her belief that thought leadership strategies are successful when so-called ‘Rhineland’ and ‘Anglo-Saxon’ thinking are combined. In her view, this combined thinking is embodied in the Dutch School of Thought, part of the Fontys School of Communication, a school where we dare to think in different directions, to imagine new realities and to go against the flow. It is Berly’s pleasure to help build this institute and make it a relevant supplier of higher education.


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