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Blended vision on Thought Leadership

By: Mignon van Halderen

Reading time: 6 minutes

Thought leadership is still seen as a way to raise a company’s profile or boost its reputation. However, there is so much more to thought leadership. To pursue a meaningful and sustainable thought leadership strategy, communication executives should embrace two diverse views on it. Communicators need a blended vision of thought leadership in order to position their organisations as a trusted partner. Read more


Marlon van den Besselaar

“Meet our new knowledge member, Marlon Besselaar, and her view on generation Y and Z”.

During my study programme, Creative Communications at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, I researched the pressure to excel that is often seen amongst the members of generations Y and Z. The pressure in these generations to perform is so great that many simply freeze up, or ‘become blocked’. Read More

An Indecisive Future

By Cécile Cremer, trend researcher and co-founder of Wandering the Future, also the newest member of our DST Knowledge Community.

Reading time: 10 minutes

“We still think the future is something that just happens to us, and therefore we are mostly aware of the present. We should lose that attitude of unawareness and start realizing the future is in our hands”

Imagine, it is one of those typical Monday mornings, you haven’t had your coffee yet, you are already running late for your first appointment but before you rush out of the door you really need to go to the bathroom. So you’ll go, you are faster than ever. Not regular fast but world record setting fast peeing fast. You turn your head to the toilet paper, and there it is, the last sheet of toilet paper… Read More

Trending Topic | How True Leaders Can Broaden Their Horizons

By Mark van der Linden, graduation student at Fontys University of Applied Sciences Communication, under supervision of lector Mignon van Halderen and applied researcher Bran Martens.

Reading time: 15 minutes

Discover the knowledge playground of Fontys School of Communication where the students reside. Rough as diamants, but learning rapidly, our students outline their refreshing views in their trending topics. In this trending topic, student Mark van der Linden argues that real thought leaders bring about positive societal change. In order to bring about change, it is important to embark on many cross-industrial collaborative partnerships. He illustrates his arguments by metaphorically speaking about thougth leader-ship. Read more

Book Review 'Originals' by Adam Grant

How Non-Conformists Move the World

By Jeroen van IJzendoorn

Adam Grant (1981) is a compelling writer. He has a vast background in psychology, behavior and motivation, especially given his age. In this book Adam explores how originals, or non-conformists, challenge conformity and champion new ideas that go against the stream. In a way, I’d say, it’s a book on how to become a thought leader. Read More

Ideation: The Foundation for True Thought Leadership

By: Dr. Liz Alexander, co-founder, Leading Thought

Reading time: 6 minutes

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”

Few in our field would dispute that as thought leadership has grown in popularity, what it takes to earn this accolade has become diluted. I believe this has much to do with the co-opting of the concept by marketing professionals, many of whom think thought leadership is just another category of content. What thought leadership really signifies, however, is the ability to ideate. We should therefore concern ourselves less with how thought leadership is communicated and more with how it’s foundationally generated.

Read More

Trending Topic | Thought Leadership: Two Currents

By Brandon Martens, applied researcher at Dutch School of Thought, under supervision of lector Mignon van Halderen.

Reading time: 11 minutes

Thought leadership is in. The concept is widely known and its popularity is on the rise. It is being applied with increasing frequency in organisations as a result. The expanded presence of thought leadership in annual reports is the primary evidence of its strength. Multinationals such as Ernst & Young, KPMG and ManpowerGroup have … Read more

5 phases of a Thought Leadership strategy

You can read & download the PDF here

Focus on the line on the horizon

By: Jeroen van IJzendoorn, Co-Owner Factor Tachtig

Reading time: 12 minutes

“Instead of a dot as a target point, you’d better have a broader target. A goal that gives you the space to move along with unexpected and unpredictable events.”

Don’t we all like to work towards a specific target? A goal that improves our focus? But isn’t this so-called dot on the horizon too limited? After all, there is always the risk of things changing along the way or something unexpected happening that forces you to make adjustments. I therefore propose that we do not focus on a dot, but on a line on the horizon. So, not a specific target but a broader vision that provides guidance. This approach forms the basis for anyone striving to profile themselves as a thought leader.

Read More

Shifting Paradigms: thought leadership as instigator of societal change

When it comes to many themes in our society (such as healthcare, education, energy), we find ourselves in the middle of a transformation about to take place. This requires us to shake off our old ways of thinking, to abandon old worldviews and to shift paradigms in our society.

We need organisations that take a progressive role in driving such processes of paradigm shifting and which thereby instigate societal change. This book is the elaborate version of the inaugural speech of Lector Mignon van Halderen. It discusses the important role of organisations in contributing to societal change by driving paradigm shifts, and creates a connection between these ideas and thought leadership.

You can read & download the book here

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